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When you hear the name Cannes, most people think of fashion, film stars and style. Well, it’s precisely here, in the most famous town on the French Riviera, that we created an apartment where nothing is left to chance and every room emanates incredible sensations.

Petr Kozeykin Designs LLC “PS Pierreswatch

It is within these walls that famous architect, Petr Kozeykin, was able to give free rein to his talent and creativity. The result is a home where prestigious artisanal solutions and exclusive technologies live harmoniously side-by-side, to create a wondrous and almost magical atmosphere.

Cannes is a project of the Architect & Designer Petr Kozeykin Designs LLC “PS Pierreswatch”.

Italian design, international appeal
Made-to-measure desires

A home that speaks of who you are: the possibility to choose any solution you want, allows us to create exclusive designs and furniture that you and only you will ever possess.

Literally anything you can think of
can become part of the project

The knowledge of the artisans and the high-level, cutting edge technological solutions are the distinguishing features of this walk-in space that is hidden behind a magnificent door and completely isolated from temperature variations.

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As well as being the perfect environment for preserving such a delicate product, the wine display cabinet is a work of art that your eyes will be drawn to time and time again.

and unmistakably elegant finishes

Every corner of the home has been finished with a precious touch of style. 0039’s furniture is recognisable at first glance for its unique lines, unusual colours and designs that are never influenced by the latest trends.

Project Cannes

Finitura Caffè Finitura Caffelatte Finitura Grigio Medio
The prestige
of exclusive solutions

You can leave the idea of seeing the same old things behind you, because a piece of 0039 furniture will give you emotions you’ve never experienced before. And this is also the case with the doors of this mirror, which cleverly conceal a secret compartment.

When aesthetics
meet technology

What might initially appear to be a simple shoe cabinet is actually a jewel of technological mastery. In fact, the interior has been ionised and sanitised to eliminate bacteria and store the shoes in a completely purified atmosphere.

The privilege
of having everything under control

Furs are precious belongings that must be stored in very specific conditions. In fact, not only do the compartments of this wardrobe have an incredible visual impact, but the temperature and humidity control functions also make them highly technological.

A space
illuminated with style

Here, our manufacturing and technical skills have given life to a personal space that interprets the most demanding of requests, while still satisfying the tastes of Made in Italy enthusiasts.

Luxury Italian Projects

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