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Cold Project: we control the cold so you get complete control of your ideas

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Furs, works of art, wine, shoes, cigars, tea, old books all have an immense value and should be stored in the right climatic conditions.

Conditions that we know how to recreate. In fact, we create spaces that perfectly mimic a whole range of specific conditions, giving you control over the temperature, humidity and air exchange, so you can preserve those precious belongings with extra-special care.

Interactive Wine Cellar, Custom Made Cellar, Cold Room, Cigar Room, Tea Room, Snow Room

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A special environment
for safeguarding those special passions

The wine cellar is obviously used for storing wine, but this is no ordinary wine cellar, neither in the choice of architectural solutions nor for technologies adopted, which constantly preserve the wine in a perfect environment.

The temperature, humidity and air exchange are constantly controlled to ensure that the wine is always preserved and consumed under the right conditions.

A new approach
to design and furnishing

Naturally, you can’t create a Cold Project without in-depth technical knowledge. Our close collaboration with companies that have been working in the cooling industry for decades allows us to create high-performance, walk-in areas with air-conditioning and humidity control systems.

All obviously designed without limiting the creative expression of the designers who work on the cladding, upholstery and finishes. In fact, the options for interior designers, furniture designers, architects and contractors are limitless and fully respond to the needs of clients looking for air-conditioning or cooling systems for window displays, furniture, showcases or even entire rooms.

When aesthetics
meet technology

What might initially appear to be a simple shoe cabinet is actually a jewel of technological mastery. In fact, the interior has been ionised and sanitised to eliminate bacteria and store the shoes in a completely purified atmosphere.

The privilege
of having everything under control

Furs are precious belongings that must be stored in very specific conditions. In fact, not only do the compartments of this wardrobe have an incredible visual impact, but the temperature and humidity control functions also make them highly technological.

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Literally anything you can think of
can become part of the project

The knowledge of the artisans and the high-level, cutting edge technological solutions are the distinguishing features of this walk-in space that is hidden behind a magnificent door and completely isolated from temperature variations.

The very best
construction techniques
to ensure you get only the very best
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It goes without saying that installing an air-conditioning or cooling system will not suffice when you want to create very specific climatic conditions. To ensure you can maintain the necessary conditions without affecting or ruining the adjoining rooms or areas, you need adequate insulation and special humidity barriers.

This is why we have specifically designed a series of insulating panels that can cover the existing walls and even create rooms within rooms. In this way, the climatically controlled rooms are perfectly insulated from temperature variations and humidity.

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The core of our modular panels is made of high-density polyurethane, with mechanical joints between the panels, to ensure per- fect thermal insulation. The cladding and finishes are made of certified, non-toxic materials and provide a double barrier against humidity.

The same attention has been given to the doors, which must be completely airtight to maintain the right level of insulation. In fact, we’ve examined and designed a series of special closures that guarantee high-performance, while still respecting the aesthetic of the overall design. Finally, we use glass with insulated double glazing, thermal break technology, magnetic seals, special films that protect against UV rays, heating cables and window vents and openings that don’t get steamed up or cause condensation.

Refined techniques
for extra-fine furnishings

The wonders of 0039 projects continue with our display cases, which will always keep your cigars and wine at the perfect temperature, making those per- sonal pleasures more special than ever before.

0039 skilfully interpret your deepest desires, transforming them into distinguished furniture solutions that add functionality and beauty to your everyday life.

A cooling concept
with a technical heart

The heart of our cooling systems is the refrigerating machine. Today, our experience allows us to design and create machines for every application and reproduce every type of climatic condition necessary.

As would be expected of a project of this kind, no detail can be over- looked. The internal machines are hidden behind false ceilings and, if necessary, can be canalised to make theminvisible. With an attentive eye on absolute comfort, every element has been designed to counter noise disturbance or vibrations in the surrounding space.

There are two types of systems: air-cooled and water-cooled condensing units. The first works via heat exchange with the environment air, while the second works using water as the heat conductor. The latter, has been specifically designed for special circumstances, where you can’t install an external refrigerator engine, such as historic centres, the facades of buildings or in the case where it’s not possible to pass the internal refrigerating piping from the internal to the external machines.

We use products of only the highest quality and planning and design strictly comply with current technical regulations. We’re committed to designing top-class energy-saving solutions that use eco-compatible refrigerant gas and the very best technologies on the market – all in respect of the aesthetics and the environment.

Interactive Wine Cellar
A special environment for safeguarding those special passions

Some passions should be savoured to the full, with both body and mind. The wine cellar we have designed is the direct application of this philosophy.

Nothing to do with the typical dark underground image of wine cellars of the past, but an architectural masterpiece marked by Italian design, sophisticated finishings, patented technical features and attention to the finest detail. An attractive, interactive environment where you can take care not only of your passions, but also yourself.

everything under control

A technical column with a Touch-Screen interface helps to keep everything under control: the contents of the cellar, the number of bottles and all their relative data. The door has a digital fingerprint reader, to ensure both protection and customisation at the same time.

The Tablet also offers controls at a touch, speeding up the choice, selection and loading of the bottles.

And technology is also applied to the bottles, and we mean applied: a specially designed collar helps to identify each bottle, making loading and unloading easier, while traceability allows you to identify the position of every single bottle with a special LED light.

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