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Kiev, Obolon district. This home might be outside the administrative district of the city, but the inside’s been furnished with class and every element has been designed with meticulous attention to detail.

The contemporary-style living space, kitchen and dining areas have not only been created using carefully studied materials, they’ve also been fitted with our I.W.C.C Cold Project temperature controlled zones.

In fact, the wine cellar and the 2°C walk-in, food storage areas, wine and cigar cabinets are sophisticated technical solutions, ably enhanced with refined construction details and surprising colour combinations.

Exclusivity has broadened its horizons
A new standard in luxury

Steel, wood and marble preciously embellish the work surfaces, creating a spectacular play of colour that give this home a timeless elegance.

Each room has a special touch of class
The Wine Cellar

The perfect union of 0039’s all-Italian, artisanal mastery and extensive technical knowledge.

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A new standard in luxury
No two designs are ever the same, but all of them strike that perfect balance between technical capability and artistic vocation

Giving life to astounding and prestigious furniture that will reward you with new and beautiful sensations every single day.

Project Kiev

Finitura Ottanio Finitura Ciliegio Naturale Finitura Grigio
The height of Made in Italy design
every space becomes a treasure trove of beauty and luxury. In this sacred place

Reason gives way to emotions and the prestige of the furnishings fill the heart and soul with pure joy.

0039’s artisans use their talents to add an artistic touch to every room, transforming every living space into an authentic work of art.

Refined techniques
for extra-fine furnishings

The wonders of 0039 projects continue with our display cases, which will always keep your cigars and wine at the perfect temperature, making those per- sonal pleasures more special than ever before.

0039 skilfully interpret your deepest desires, transforming them into distinguished furniture solutions that add functionality and beauty to your everyday life.

Luxury Italian Projects

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