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South London, Crystal Palace. In one of the most verdant districts of the capital, we created two spellbinding projects, that are prime examples of our passion for interior design: a relaxation room and a wine cellar.

Carlo Apollo

In these spaces, the incredible artistry of Carlo Apollo enters into perfect dialogue with the carefully designed technical details. The wood flooring is a creation designed and built by Carlo Apollo, Antichi Pavimenti Italiani.

The custom made wine cellar is a I.W.C.C. 0039 concept.

A project that turns the ordinary into something extraordinary
the pinnacle of all-Italian design and craftsmanship

In fact, the wood flooring, which has been inlaid entirely by hand, and the carpenters’ mastery in enhancing aged materials are complemented by extraordinary technologies, giving this 0039 project an unmistakable, luxurious finish and unforgettable charm.

A special environment
for safeguarding those special passions

The wine cellar is obviously used for storing wine, but this is no ordinary wine cellar, neither in the choice of architectural solutions nor for technologies adopted, which constantly preserve the wine in a perfect environment.

The temperature, humidity and air exchange are constantly controlled to ensure that the wine is always preserved and consumed under the right conditions.

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Project London

Finitura Smoke Finitura Ottone Finitura Ciliegio Naturale
The cigar showcase
a prime example of Italian artisanal skill

The sealed environment of this cigar showcase provides the perfect conditions for preserving these delicate objects.

Luxury Italian Projects

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