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Overlooking the Moskva River, in the heart of Moscow, lies this surprisingly welcoming apartment with its inimitable style.

Petr Kozeykin Designs LLC “PS Pierreswatch

It’s within these walls that the exclusive colours of 0039 have been perfectly fused with the unmistakable style of award-winning architect Petr Kozeykin. Together we created a space to be ‘lived’; not just a space to be lived in.

Moscow is a project of the Architect & Designer Petr Kozeykin Designs LLC “PS Pierreswatch”.

When beauty
becomes pure emotion

The eyes become mesmerised by the prestigious materials, while the heart leaps with joy before the outstanding skill of the artisanal workmanship.

High-class details
that make a home so different and unique

Elegance is not just about the things you see at first glance, it’s about all those other elements that gradually reveal themselves over time. They’re those special details that make a home and the people who choose them so different and unique.

Italian elegance
that exceeds every expectation

Thanks to a refined balance between modern and classic style, a home that opens its doors to 0039 style gives off an elegant and precious sensation.

A symphony
of refined and elegant forms

0039 is special for its decisive and original character. Everything we create is the result of a fusion of the very best in precision design and meticulous attention to detail.

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Constant research
A constant search for beauty gives life to furniture that is not only built on logical reasoning, but also passion and emotion

This is how engaging interiors that function in perfect harmony with the people who inhabit them are born.

You’re never alone
when you’re surrounded by beauty

0039’s precision design also spills out into the more private areas of your home, so you can live those intimate moments with an extra-special touch of class.

Project Moscow

Finitura Caffè Finitura Caffelatte Finitura English Gray Finitura Grigio Medio
A space
that is pleasing to the eye, day after day

You never get tired of a piece of 0039 furniture: running your fingers along the refined lines of the furniture, brushing your hand against the elegant panels or caressing the exclusive intaglio work is a priceless experience that never fails to inspire.

Luxury Italian Projects

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