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We take your ideas and make them a reality in true Italian style

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Ambitious projects often remain just a dream
unless there’s someone who knows how to make them become a concrete reality

At 0039 we’re a team of manufacturers for architects and interior designers, whose only desire is to bring the prestige of Italian design into the homes of people looking to create a truly unique and personal living space and who see luxury as a private pleasure.

Our master artisans
represent the best of Made in Italy craftsmanship

That means: exceptional manufacturing abilities, incomparable skill in the art of woodworking, incredibly refined colour finishes and that innate knack and passion for enhancing every tiny detail and finish.

Their unrivalled skill and amazing talent beautifully embellish every living space with style, adding a special touch of added value to all our projects.

Designs where the wonder at the attention to detail, the extraordinary staining techniques and the refinement of the finishes and accents are an emotional experience that seduces both the mind and the soul.

We’re 0039 and we’re based in Italy
but the things we create have moved the hearts of clients all over the world

We love beauty, especially when it touches people’s hearts.

Exclusivity can’t be created in series. But we don’t merely restrict ourselves to creating made-to-measure furniture, that would belittle its worth. We make furniture to suit your every dream and desire.

This is why we’ve sought out and selected only the very best master artisans; the last custodians of true and authentic all-Italian craftsmanship.

The furniture manufacturers, woodcarvers, decorators and carpenters we work with are all trained in the cabinet-making tradition, making them magnificent interpreters of even the more ambitious and challenging requests.

The privilege
of possessing a piece of furniture that no one else owns

0039 is special for its decisive and original character. Everything we create is the result of a fusion of the very best in precision design and meticulous attention to detail.

A space
adorned with exclusive fabrics

We propose for our tailor made upholstered creations in our laboratories, exclusive fabrics of Loro Piana Interiors®

Luxury Italian Projects

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