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A journey in our world

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Inside you’ll find a wonderful world:
the world of 0039

A traveling trunk that makes you dream, the 0039 corner realized for architects and designers, get a unique chance to discover the inner soul of our projects, appreciate our skills and know-how, and learn how we make every idea a reality – even the more audacious and visionary ones!

A journey in our world
There’s a wealth of surprising ideas and inspiration in the 0039 case
A suitcase that’s as unique,
as our luxury furniture
I.W.C.C. Logo

What you are holding in your hands is not your usual, tired brochure or sample catalogue that’s been seen time and time again.

No. This case is inspired by the world of jewellery and what you’re looking at now is something truly precious. It will provide you with ideas, inspiration and suggestions that will put a twinkle in your client’s eyes and illuminate their souls.

I.W.C.C. Logo I.W.C.C. Logo

This suitcase will give you a glimpse of the 0039 world, our numerous finishes, capital types, polishing processes and colour combinations.

But we don’t use the word ‘glimpse’ by chance, because what you see here is just a small part of what we can create for you and your clients. They’re simply ideas, starting points on which to build ambitious and sophisticated furniture projects.

We know all about the demands of a certain type of client, who want something that is completely unique to them; something that no one else owns.

Luxury Italian Projects

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